Hierarchical structure

Andreas Pelekies

Andreas Pelekies is Senior Business Development Manager at GEFEG mbH. GEFEG solutions provide productivity enhancements and optimized data interface development to help business processes and plan, map, and manage business processes throughout the entire application cycle. The solutions include the software GEFEG.FX for the development and management of data models, eStandards and interfaces. Andreas Pelekies is an active member of national and international bodies, DIN, CEN, UN / CEFACT. He is responsible for the development of the ZUGFeRD format in the German national forum for electronic invoicing (FeRD). After 18 years of software development for commercial software, he worked as a manager for global XML standards at GS1 Germany and specialiced at cash management and electronic invoicing on a national and international level. He holds a Master of Business Administration and studied Business Informaticsat the University of Economics and Management.

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