What is a CIUS?

This new term was created as part of the standardization of electronic invoices for contracting authorities. EN16931-1 defines a semantic data model for the core elements of an electronic invoice(Core invoice usage specification). This means that the technical requirements for invoicing are defined in a structured form. Core computation means that one is limited to essential sectors and countries across requirements. However, the resulting data model may contain more information than is required for a particular group of users. Often, however, the demand does not consist of less information, but rather that certain information must always occur. This could be, for example, the supplier number, the order number or a cost center. The Core Invoice Usage Specification is created by a member state of the European Union or by any user group. It defines the respective additional requirements of the user group.

The following table lists the CIUSs currently known or reported to EN16931.

List of CIUS to EN16931

Source: CEFDigital and own research

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