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ZUGFeRD 2.1 and Factur-X 1.0 – The Common E-invoicing Standard from Germany and France

FeRD and FNFE-MPE publish new version of their e-invoicing standard


Bretten – The Forum for Electronic Invoicing Germany (FeRD) and the Forum National de la Facture Électronique et des Marchés Publics Électroniques (FNFE-MPE) publish their new, joint and EN 16931-compliant version of ZUGFeRD 2.1 and Factur-X 1.0.

Milestone for cross-border electronic invoicing

“The release of a common standard for electronic invoicing and the synchronization of the German and French hybrid invoice data format is the result of a long collaboration between the FeRD and the FNFE-MPE,” explains Cyrille Sautereau, Chairman of the French Forum. The publications help to increase the acceptance of electronic invoices and define a general international standard. The two forums have been working closely together since 2015, including in the framework of the Franco-German Digital Conference to create a cross-border e-invoicing standard.

The EU-compliant invoice format ZUGFeRD 2.1 / Factur-X 1.0

The ZUGFeRD / Factur-X standard is a hybrid electronic invoice format consisting of two components: a PDF file and an embedded XML file. The PDF is the visual representation of the invoice and can therefore be read easily. The XML file, on the other hand, contains invoice data in a structured form so that it can be processed automatically.

Its technical specifications are based on the international UN/CEFACT standard Cross Industry Invoice (CII) SCRDM and the ISO standard PDF/A-3. It is compliant with the European standard EN 16931, which regulates the requirements for electronic invoices to public sector customers (B2G). As part of the implementation of incoming and outgoing invoice projects, e-invoices in ZUGFeRD and Factur-X format are fully integrated into ERP software solutions and into IT platforms of public-sector customers, e.g. for French B2G invoices ‘Chorus Pro’, to ensure fully automated IT-supported processing.

The latest versions enable the exchange of standardized electronic invoices between businesses (B2B) as well as between businesses and public administrations (B2G). B2G invoice data exchange is gaining importance since, according to EU standard 16931, all levels of public administration including the federal states and local authorities are being obliged to ensure the reception and processing of electronic invoices in Germany by 18 April 2020 at the latest.

The specifications of ZUGFeRD 2.1 and Factur-X 1.0 are available for free download at FeRD and FNFE-MPE.

SEEBURGER – Global E-Invoicing and International Standardization

With its active participation in UN/CEFACT, FeRD and the Franco-German workshops of FNFE-MPE and FERD, SEEBURGER AG makes important contributions to the development of Factur-X and ZUGFeRD as well as other international standards for the digitalization of business processes.

The ZUGFeRD/ Factur-X standard for example, uses the latest version of the United Nations’ Cross Industry Invoice (CII) syntax UN/CEFACT. According to the European standard, invoices in the CII syntax must be accepted by all public administrations. The CII itself is in turn based on the current technological data model ‘Supply Chain Reference Data Model’ (SCRDM) of the UN. In both topics (CII and SCRDM), SEEBURGER supports as an innovator and opinion leader in close cooperation with the Arbeitsgemeinschaft für wirtschaftliche Verwaltung e.V. (Working Group for Economic Administration) and the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy.

“We are pleased to have reached a milestone in the Franco-German cooperation for the establishment of a joint international e-invoicing standard with the creation of the versions ZUGFeRD 2.1 and Factur-X 1.0. The full harmonization is the result of the digitalization initiatives between FNFE-MPE and FeRD, which have been established since 2015,” says Rolf Wessel, Head of Competence Center 3 FERD ‘Standards, Formats & Integration’, Project Manager UN/CEFACT and Product Manager of SEEBURGER AG.

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SEEBURGER AG is a global provider of business integration solutions that streamline business processes, enable digital transformation and business initiatives, reduce operational costs, facilitate governance and compliance, and provide end-to-end visibility to the farthest edges of the supply chain to maximize ERP effectiveness and drive new efficiencies. Customers can choose between a Cloud Service, an on premise installation or a hybrid business integration solution. With 30 years in the industry, SEEBURGER today is ranked among the top business integration providers by industry analysts and serves thousands of customers in more than 50 countries and 15 industries. Since its foundation in 1986, Bretten has been the company’s headquarters. SEEBURGER maintains 11 subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and North America.
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About FeRD/ AWV
The “Forum for Electronic Invoicing Germany” (FeRD) is the national platform of associations, ministries, and companies for the promotion of electronic invoicing in Germany. Top-level state agencies, federal ministries, and business associations founded the forum on March 31st, 2010 in Berlin. FeRD is part of the “Working Group for Economic Administration” (AWV) that in turn receives financial support by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

The forum aims to increase the acceptance and dissemination of electronic invoices in Germany, Europe, and beyond. FeRD’s structure includes competence centers that solve communications, compliance, technical and networking issues.

Founded in January 2012, the National Forum for Electronic Invoicing and Marketplace & Public E‑procurement (FNFE-MPE) has been set up as an association since April 2016. Its mission is to enable the widest consultation between all French public and private players in the context of the deployment of electronic invoices and public e‑procurement on the national market and in collaboration with other EU Member State National Forums. FNFE-MPE is a force for proposals in the definition of regulations, public policies and any incentive measures contributing to this objective. It participates in European Standardization works, especially the EN 16931 and its implementation in hybrid invoice Standard Factur-x / ZUGFeRD. The FNFE-MPE has more than 65 members, companies, associations, sectoral representatives, professional unions, service providers, software editors, experts and consultants, and represents France at the European Multi-Stakeholder Forum for Electronic Invoicing (EMSFEI). It supports and promotes the adoption of Standards and good practices for e-invoicing deployment in companies of all sizes and all sectors.

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FeRD/ AWV – Arbeitsgemeinschaft für wirtschaftliche Verwaltung e.V.
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FNFE-MPE – Forum National de la Facture Électronique et des Marchés Publics Électroniques
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