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‘TaxVoice’ User Group Kicks Off

E-Invoicing, Tax Compliance and VAT Reporting – global companies in dialogue


Bretten –­ Electronic invoicing, international compliance and digital Tax Reporting requirements present companies with complex challenges. The user group ‘TaxVoice – Compliance for Paperless’ has been created to provide colleagues from multinational companies a forum for exchange of knowledge, experience and ideas.

Regulatory requirements are driving B2G integration

In order to increase tax transparency and tax revenues, international financial authorities are increasingly intervening in financial processes in a regulatory capacity. For example, companies are obliged to process information relevant to taxation via government servers or to transfer data to them for VAT reporting or E-Invoicing. Going forward, E-Invoicing standards will be made mandatory, especially in the B2G environment. Multinational companies increasingly require expert teams with tax, accounting, business process and IT knowledge to comply with country-specific E-invoicing regulations and tax reporting requirements in a timely and fully compliant manner.

Sharing know-how and networking

The user group ‘TaxVoice – Compliance for Paperless’ was founded by representatives of multinational companies, including SEEBURGER, at the Exchange Summit trade fair in Vienna in October 2019. This newly formed “Think Tank” is involved in committees for the establishment of standards and, as a community, helps to promote the digital exchange of invoice and tax data. The now thirty members currently meet regularly in online workshops to exchange experience and knowledge.

Together with international experts, they discuss country-specific VAT Reporting obligations and systems, E-Invoicing trends, current changes in legislation, standards, formats and a wide range of topics. So far, these include the efficient linking of Tax Reporting and Electronic Data Exchange, the training of tax technology experts and their organizational position rooted within the company. New findings and ideas are being brought back into the constituent companies in order to make it easier to master the challenges of E-Invoicing and Digital Tax Reporting.

The regulatory requirements and specifications of the legislators in the international E-Invoicing and VAT Reporting environment are increasing and the complexity is growing. Here, internationally operating companies in particular need to maintain an overview in order to make the right decisions for the future. The positive response of the members and their active exchange of information reflects the value of the ‘TaxVoice’ user group“, says Rolf Wessel, co-founder of the ‘TaxVoice’ user group and Product Manager at SEEBURGER AG in Bretten.

The user group will meet again on October, 06th 2020. New members are welcome. To join, the group please visit the LinkedIn page here.


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